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About MIT Tech TV

MIT Tech TV is the video-sharing site for the MIT community. It supports the community through the aggregation and distribution of science, engineering, technology, and a lot more MIT-related video on the web. For guidelines on video content and uploading, see our Principles and Mission and Terms of Use.

Our goals are to:
  • Make it easier for members of the MIT community – and others – to find science, engineering, technology, and other MIT-related video on the web
  • Feature multimedia content appealing to and appropriate for people as young as 12
  • Encourage the creation of web video by members of the MIT community by making it easier to publish and host video content
  • Support the educational mission of MIT by providing a means to expand the educational spaces outside of the traditional classroom

MIT Tech TV started in April of 2007 as a grant-funded project out of the MIT School of Engineering in conjunction with MIT Academic Media Production Services (AMPS). After this initial startup year, MIT TechTV became a collaborative initiative of the MIT School of Engineering and MIT Libraries - Academic Media Production Services. To make MIT TechTV into a long lasting Institute resource, MIT TechTV was fully adopted by the MIT Libraries in July of 2009. Beginning in 2014, TechTV was brought under the umbrella of MIT's Office of Digital Learning.

Please keep in mind we are constantly trying to improve MIT TechTV, so you might find some rough edges or notice changes along the way, please bear with us and feel free to send in suggestion or report troubles you are having. You can easily do this on our Contact page.

How does MIT TechTV work?

MIT Users of the site are able to upload video and have it hosted at no charge. They can then link to their videos or embed their videos on their own web pages, and they also have a range of choices for more broadly distributing their video content. The ability to upload videos is limited to people with an e-mail address, but anyone will be able to watch videos posted, create playlists and post comments on MIT Tech TV. If you're a member of the MIT community, and you have exciting science, engineering, technology, or other MIT-related video content, upload it to MIT Tech TV!

Video Hosting

MIT Tech TV provides the servers and bandwidth you need to deliver your video widely on the web. And we're providing it for free to the MIT community.

Multiple Formats

Your videos should work everywhere, no question. That's why MIT Tech TV supports a very wide range of video formats, from Quicktime to MP4s to Windows Media to DivX and 3gp for uploads. We currently don't allow uploads of Shockwave Flash (.swf) files for security reasons.

Wide Availability

We'll make your video available on MIT Tech TV, and maybe even promote it on the MIT Tech TV home page or the MIT Video Gateway page ( Then we give you the tools you need to send it to your own blog, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes and possibly other places.

Fair Terms

We believe that you should own the product of your hard work. When you upload to MIT Tech TV you give us the right to distribute your video until and unless you delete it from our systems. You don't have to give us any kind of exclusive rights. We encourage open video practices and for you to set a Creative Commons or Public Domain license to your videos, but the final choice is yours.

How can I get in touch?

First, make sure to check our FAQ. If your question isn't answered there, drop us a line on our group address, techtv [at] mit [dot] edu or on our Contact page. A real human being will get back to you as soon as possible.

How about legal stuff?

By using MIT Tech TV and its services you agree to our Terms of Use. You can also read our copyright page, and our FAQ for more information.