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2.007 Videos

MIT's annual festival of anguish, elation and extreme engineering--the 2.007 Mechanical Engineering Design Contest--takes place annually. Dubbed the "mother of all robot contests," 2.007 has been replicated worldwide in engineering schools and on television. For more information, visit the 2.007 web site.

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2.007 Documentary

2.007 Documentary

Added almost 11 years ago | 00:09:25 | 29250 views

MIT's annual 2.007 Mechanical Engineering Robot Contest has been dubbed the mother of all robot contests.Produced by Jeff Silva & MIT Video Productions

2.007 - A Design for Success

Added almost 10 years ago | 00:36:15 | 23921 views

MIT 2007: A Design for Success - a 36 minute documentary about the famous mechanical engineering design contest follows the trials and tribulatoins of a group of students participants - from day one through the exciting 1998 contes...


Added 10 years ago | 00:19:52 | 30765 views

Design 2.007, MIT's annual festival of machine design, manufacturing and adrenalin, culminated in a clash between two major crowd-pleasers: a grappler-trailer combo designed and driven by David Arguelles, and a truck-and-winch machine d...

2.007 First Day of Class

2.007 First Day of Class

Added almost 11 years ago | 00:02:11 | 15679 views

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