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Public Domain or unattributed videos depicting American life and pursuits. Most of this content will date to the 1960s or earlier. If an unattributed video is in fact owned by you or someone you know, please notify us and we'll take down the video or revise its attributions.

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Moon jellys, at the New England Aquarium (lower level)

Moon jellys, at the New England Aqu...

Added 1 year ago | 00:00:28 | 586 views

January 2016

2016sep29 test upload

2016sep29 test upload

Added over 1 year ago | 00:00:55 | 588 views

exploring behavior of captions no thumbnail specified at upload screen

Edison - Gordon Sisters Boxing

Edison - Gordon Sisters Boxing

Added almost 2 years ago | 00:01:38 | 3931 views

Imagine that

Japanese Relocation - WWII - Office of War Information

Japanese Relocation - WWII - Office...

Added 3 years ago | 00:09:28 | 3718 views

New Orleans festivities as they looked just before World War II. From the Prelinger Archives at

Health: Your Posture (by Centron Corporation)

Health: Your Posture (by Centron Co...

Added over 2 years ago | 00:10:40 | 1629 views

Ken Smith sez: Despite its title there's not much "health" in this film, and that's good; Centron abandoned the dull side of this topic to concentrate on the melodramatic -- social ostricism. And they did it with camera gimmickery! Good ...

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