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Spice Cream

30 chile peppers + liquid nitrogen + sugar + milk = spice cream!

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This video is by far the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Its special effects superior to the matrix and pirates of the carabeen. This movie also has a cast of amazing actors and should be nominated for numerous oscars and academy awards.

Posted over 9 years by Sam

two thumbs up!

fun for the whole family!

Posted over 9 years by Sam

Watching this movie made me wish I had four eyes so I could have redundancy in case one of my current eyes gets gouged out by renegade kalimari and I would still be left with 150% retinal capability.

Posted over 9 years by Timur

AWWWSOME! I want to make capsaicin flavored cupcakes and feed it to people now!

Posted over 9 years by scribblegrl

Visionary. is waiting for you to start an international advocacy group and capital venture.

Posted over 9 years by dmorgen

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May 03, 2007 01:10
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