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Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies (BLOSSOMS)

BLOSSOMS is an MIT educational project in partnership with colleagues in Jordan and Pakistan. Each BLOSSOMS module is a multi-segment educational video to be shown in a high school math or science class, with the in-class teacher leading the students in interactive educational activities between each BLOSSOMS video segment. BLOSSOMS is funded by the Hewlett Foundation with additional funding by the Sloan Foundation and by partners in Jordan and Pakistan.

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Sustainable Energy: "Can Water be the Future Fuel?" (Mandarin voice over)

Sustainable Energy: "Can Water be t...

Added 1 month ago | 00:33:33 | 340 views

The main objective of this video lesson is to bring the students' attention to the importance of basic and natural sciences in our lives. The lesson will introduce a topic (sustainable energy) that is related mainly to chemistry and is n...

You Can't Always Get What You Want: A Lesson in Human Evolution

You Can't Always Get What You Want:...

Added 1 month ago | 00:26:20 | 163 views |

This lesson introduces students to the concepts of evolution, specifically the evolution of humans. So often our students assume that humans are well adapted to our environments because we are in control of our evolutionary destiny. The...

Thermodynamics: Energy Conversion in Generating Electricity

Thermodynamics: Energy Conversion i...

Added 2 months ago | 00:24:14 | 148 views

How Big Is A Mole: Do We Really Comprehend Avogadro's Number?

How Big Is A Mole: Do We Really Com...

Added 2 months ago | 00:19:01 | 260 views

The unit “mole” is used in chemistry as a counting unit for measuring the amount of something. One mole of something has 6.02×10^23 units of that thing. The magnitude of the number 6.02×10^23 is challenging to imagine. The goal of this l...

Why Neutralize?  Impact on Health and the Environment

Why Neutralize? Impact on Health a...

Added 4 months ago | 00:20:21 | 309 views

The aim of this lesson is to introduce the concept of Neutralization and its application in our daily lives. Students are encouraged to construct their knowledge of Neutralization through brainstorming sessions, experiments, and mind ma...

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