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Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies (BLOSSOMS)

BLOSSOMS is an MIT educational project in partnership with colleagues in Jordan and Pakistan. Each BLOSSOMS module is a multi-segment educational video to be shown in a high school math or science class, with the in-class teacher leading the students in interactive educational activities between each BLOSSOMS video segment. BLOSSOMS is funded by the Hewlett Foundation with additional funding by the Sloan Foundation and by partners in Jordan and Pakistan.

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Fun On the Sphere

Fun On the Sphere

Added 8 days ago | 00:25:10 | 94 views

This lesson focuses sphere geometry. It aims to encourage students to solve real science problems in our daily life and explore the unknowns on the sphere. Although some of the ideas in the video are slightly challenging, the overall dif...

An Introduction to the Physics of Sailing

An Introduction to the Physics of S...

Added 1 month ago | 00:22:25 | 489 views |

The goal of this lesson is to explain how sailboats work by using basic physics principles. By the end of this lesson, students should be able to identify the forces acting on a sailboat and explain how the combination of these forces r...

Recognizing Forces: Does the Floor Know When You Put on Weight?

Recognizing Forces: Does the Floor ...

Added 1 month ago | 00:14:08 | 579 views |

This beginning Physics lesson introduces students to forces and free body diagrams (i.e. force diagrams). Rather than modeling forces in abstract situations, the lesson challenges students to develop diagrams that accurately describe ...

Elasticity:  Studying How Solids Change Shape and Size

Elasticity: Studying How Solids Ch...

Added 2 months ago | 00:27:37 | 675 views |

This lesson’s primary focus is to introduce high school students to the concept of Elasticity, which is one of the fundamental concepts in the understanding of the physics of deformation in solids. The main learning objectives are: (1) T...

Amount of Substance and Its Unit, Mole - Part 2 of 2 - Mandarin Chinese

Amount of Substance and Its Unit, M...

Added 7 months ago | 00:35:03 | 553 views

This two-part lesson examines the concepts of “amount of substance” and its unit, “mole”, which are fundamental core concepts in Chemistry. It is designed to develop and optimize learning/teaching strategies to help students understand t...

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