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Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies (BLOSSOMS)

BLOSSOMS is an MIT educational project in partnership with colleagues in Jordan and Pakistan. Each BLOSSOMS module is a multi-segment educational video to be shown in a high school math or science class, with the in-class teacher leading the students in interactive educational activities between each BLOSSOMS video segment. BLOSSOMS is funded by the Hewlett Foundation with additional funding by the Sloan Foundation and by partners in Jordan and Pakistan.

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Los “inquilinos” que necesita mi cuerpo para estar sano (The “Tenants” My Body Needs to Be Healthy)

Los “inquilinos” que necesita mi cu...

Added 5 days ago | 00:33:19 | 113 views

This lesson is about the human microbiome in our bodies. The main goal is that students learn about the role bacteria play in our lives and that they reconsider the negative connotation we have about these organisms. It is hoped that st...

Diagrama de Flujo: ¿Pensamiento lógico? (Flow Charts: Logical Thinking?

Diagrama de Flujo: ¿Pensamiento lóg...

Added 5 days ago | 00:20:36 | 106 views

This lesson is focused on flow charts. It supports young people who are starting to program and can be used in other subjects and at different levels of study. The goal is for students to learn to think logically in each of their activit...

Direcciones de Video para las Actividades (Video Directions for the Lesson Activities)

Direcciones de Video para las Activ...

Added 15 days ago | 00:02:49 | 195 views

Actividad 4

Actividad 4

Added 15 days ago | 00:01:02 | 124 views

Actividad 3

Actividad 3

Added 15 days ago | 00:00:30 | 133 views

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