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Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies (BLOSSOMS)

BLOSSOMS is an MIT educational project in partnership with colleagues in Jordan and Pakistan. Each BLOSSOMS module is a multi-segment educational video to be shown in a high school math or science class, with the in-class teacher leading the students in interactive educational activities between each BLOSSOMS video segment. BLOSSOMS is funded by the Hewlett Foundation with additional funding by the Sloan Foundation and by partners in Jordan and Pakistan.

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Matematicas en Todas Partes: funciones trigonométricas; funciones lineales, y solución de sistemas lineales. ( Mathematics in Every Day Life:  Trigonometric Functions; Linear Functions; and Linear Systems Solutions )

Matematicas en Todas Partes: funcio...

Added 7 hours ago | 00:15:59 | 49 views

This video lesson is about mathematics as it is applied in a student’s everyday life. The main goal is to make students aware of the relevance and value of mathematics to their own lives.

La Ciencia de la Felicidad: Una introducción a la psicología positiva ( The Science of Happiness: An Introduction to Positive Psychology )

La Ciencia de la Felicidad: Una int...

Added 7 days ago | 00:30:47 | 185 views

This lesson is an introduction to Positive Psychology, which is a new domain of psychology that began in in 1998. Positive psychology can be defined as the scientific study of human flourishing and an applied approach to optimal function...

Entendiendo a los organismos genéticamente modificados ( Understanding Genetically Modified Organisms )

Entendiendo a los organismos genéti...

Added 17 days ago | 00:17:35 | 217 views

This lesson is about genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). What are they? How are they created? And what do they exist for? A scientific and social analysis of their importance is done. The goals of this lesson are as follows: Explore...

Dame un estándar y moveré al mundo ( Give Me a Standard and I Will Change the World)

Dame un estándar y moveré al mundo ...

Added 20 days ago | 00:21:23 | 258 views

Esta lección se enfoca en el concepto de “estándar” explicando qué es, cuál es su importancia en los procesos de producción y por último cómo estandarizar un proceso de producción. Tiene como objetivo que el alumno comprenda el concepto...

Do You See a Ghost? The Relationship between Afterimage And Color Sensors in Humans (あなたはオバケが見えますか? 残像現象とヒトの色センサー)

Do You See a Ghost? The Relationshi...

Added 1 month ago | 00:13:25 | 439 views

This lesson teaches human vision through some afterimage phenomena. It aims at two types of learning objectives. One goal is for students to learn about the stimulation of the cone cells. A second goal is for them to acquire skills neces...

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