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MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing

The official TechTV video collection of the MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing program.

MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing offers an innovative academic program that applies critical analysis, collaborative research, and design across a variety of media arts, forms, and practices.

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Jon Rubin and "Conflict Kitchen"

Jon Rubin and "Conflict Kitchen"

Added 1 month ago | 00:28:32 | 211 views

In this Civic Media Lunch, the MIT Center for Civic Media welcomed Jon Rubin, co-creator of Conflict Kitchen, a Pittsburgh restaurant (and art project) that serves food only from countries the U.S. is in conflict with. Read a full wri...

Long-Forum Journalism: Behind the Scenes at The Atlantic

Long-Forum Journalism: Behind the S...

MIT Communications Forum

Added 4 months ago | 01:56:26 | 493 views

This video is from a different collection.

MIT Communications Forum 12-05-2013

Clay Johnson:

Clay Johnson:

Added 10 months ago | 00:07:50 | 293 views

Announcement of "Open Gov" Knight News Challenge Winners

Announcement of "Open Gov" Knight N...

Added 10 months ago | 01:10:34 | 592 views

Jesper Juul, "Half-Real: A Video Game in the Hands of a Player"

Jesper Juul, "Half-Real: A Video Ga...

Added 11 months ago | 01:08:41 | 843 views

This is an video recording of a lecture Jesper Juul gave to us on November 28, 2006. "What happens when a player picks up video game, learns to play it, masters it, and leaves it? Using concepts from my book on video games, Half-R...

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