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Doc Edgerton films

See films created by Harold E. "Doc" Edgerton (1903-1990), Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT and pioneer in stroboscopic photography.

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Velocity of Light Demonstration

Added 10 years ago | 00:01:31 | 11918 views

Watch this silent film with descriptive boards of a demonstration on the velocity of light as performed by Doc Edgerton and some of his assistants. Likely related to an MIT Open House event in 1957.

Water Piddler & Strobe Demo

Added 10 years ago | 00:00:11 | 15711 views

Watch this demo of the "water piddler" and what it looks like under a strobe in this film by Doc Edgerton.

Underwater Thumper Transducer in Sl...

Added 10 years ago | 00:00:59 | 15479 views

See how an underwater thumper transducer causes water to behave when it activates in this slow motion film by Doc Edgerton.

Time Lapse on McDermott Court

Added 10 years ago | 00:00:58 | 19748 views

Watch this time lapse film of McDermott Court (aka the Spot) made by Doc Edgerton.

Lecture: The Life and Works of Doc ...

Added 10 years ago | 00:43:57 | 21563 views

Institute Professor, Harold "Doc" Edgerton revolutionized photography with his high speed strobe lighting techniques. He came to MIT as a student in 1926. By the time of his passing in 1990 he had profoundly affected MIT and the world wi...

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