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Marketing Engineering Edelman Prize Video Collection

The competition has been videotaped since 1983; this collection represents six of the finalist videos (three of which were winners of the competition). The videos have been edited to focus on the marketing engineering aspects of the work and were designed to complement and illustrate the concepts and cases available with Marketing Engineering ( see (Viewers here might also be interested in similar videos associated with the Lilien ISMS-MSI Practice Prize)

Collection videos

AT&T Long Lines - 1982 Finalist

AT&T Long Lines - 1982 Finalist

Added 5 years ago | 00:34:38 | 11571 views

Alan P. Kuritsky, AT&T John D.C Little, MIT Alvin J. Silk, MIT Emily Bassman, MIT AT&T developed a new marketing strategy for its residential long distance market place. The five year program of market segmentation, ad copy testin...

Management Decision Systems-Assessor - 1983 Finalist

Management Decision Systems-Assesso...

Added 5 years ago | 00:29:03 | 12187 views

Glen L. Urban, MIT Gerald M. Katz, Management Decision Systems Thomas E. Hatch, Miles Laboratories Alvin J. Silk, MIT The Assessor model was developed to test and evaluate new consumer products before the expenditure of a test mark...

Syntex Laboratories - 1987 Winner

Syntex Laboratories - 1987 Winner

Added 5 years ago | 00:36:58 | 15529 views

Ellen Curtis, Syntex Laboratories Michael Ness, Sola-Syntex Opthalmics: M. Kerry Simpson , Information Resources, Inc.: Leonard Lodish, University of Pennsylvania: A decision calculus model for sales force size and deployment was...

Courtyard by Marriott - 1988 Finalist

Courtyard by Marriott - 1988 Finalist

Added 5 years ago | 00:34:41 | 18261 views

Marsha Scarbrough, Marriot Corporation Douglas Shifflet, D.K. Shifflet & Associates, Ltd. Paul Green, University of Pennsylvania Jerry Wind, University of Pennsylvania Marriott applied a conjoint-analysis-based approach involving ...

ABB Electric, Inc. - 1989 Winner

ABB Electric, Inc. - 1989 Winner

Added 5 years ago | 00:23:42 | 12570 views

Nicola Aversa ABB Electric Steven P. Moore, ABB Electric Dennis H. Gensch, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee: ABB Electric pioneered the use of the "switchable customer" approach to customer targeting as well as the use of logi...

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