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equals zero

i build too many random things because other people at mit don't build enough

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Überclocker Ünicorn @ Robot Battles Dragon*Con 2012

Überclocker Ünicorn @ Robot Battles...

Added almost 3 years ago | 00:13:44 | 3209 views

30lb combat robots sumo-style at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA.

2.007 Electric Vehicle Section 2012 - Race Highlights

2.007 Electric Vehicle Section 2012...

Added over 3 years ago | 00:03:38 | 4621 views

Student-built vehicles compete in a 50 meter drag race and a climb to the top of a 4-storey parking garage. The products of this semester included go-karts, scooters, longboards, and even a set of powered roller skates.



Added over 3 years ago | 00:02:14 | 6182 views

A four-wheel drive ulta-compact go-kart with 100mm custom hub motor wheels. The frame is 34" long and 18" wide (870mm x 460mm).

2.007 EV Special Section wirelessly controlled electric skates

2.007 EV Special Section wirelessly...

Added over 3 years ago | 00:01:15 | 3820 views

hella buttplants! from 2.00EV

Tinycopter returns!

Tinycopter returns!

Added over 3 years ago | 00:01:02 | 4299 views

After flying into a tesla coil for its final decommissioning voyage, Tinycopter is rebuilt. Just as tiny, but cleaner and more stable.

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