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Shaping the Future: The Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program

Educating tomorrow's engineering leaders demands a new approach that encompasses students' professional, personal and leadership progression, in an environment that fosters the development of core values and which builds upon the strong technical fundamentals of the rigorous MIT education. The Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program provides to a select group of MIT engineering undergraduates a challenging and supportive environment in which they develop engineering leadership skills that will prepare them to be highly effective leaders of engineering teams. For approximately 120 MIT engineering Juniors and Seniors committed to honing their engineering leadership skills, the first year of GEL (GEL1) provides unparalleled leadership experiences and development. For an exclusive group of 25-30 students, the second year of GEL (GEL2) is an intensely personalized leadership development program featuring significant interaction with industry leaders, staff, and fellow students. The program also offers professional education opportunities for early career engineering professionals.

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MIT Engineering: Programs

MIT Engineering: Programs

Engineering Excellence Gala 2010

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Creating a community of great minds in engineering is only one step in solving global-scale problems—MIT also creates programmatic opportunities for scholars to discover their common interests and come together to tackle intriguing, impo...

Tanya Goldhaber (2010) Shares Her Experiences in the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program

Tanya Goldhaber (2010) Shares Her E...

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In this video you'll hear the experiences of Tanya Goldhaber (GEL 2010). In this unique engineering leadership program, MIT undergraduates (and young engineers beyond MIT) are immersed in experiential, hands-on learning activities design...

Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering L...

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On October 23, Gordon Engineering Leader candidates participated in a "Leadership Reaction Course". Planned and executed by Senior GELs, the LRC featured a series of exercises in which Junior GELs discovered the value of effective team c...

Andy Kadak Presents: Communications for Engineering Leaders

Andy Kadak Presents: Communications...

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Ray Stata's "Systems Approach to En...

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On November 18, a exclusive group of students in the Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program enjoyed a presentation from Ray Stata regarding his "systems approach to engineering leadership." This is a uncut video (1:33) of h...

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