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2. Intelligence Initiative - The V...

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Speakers: P. Sinha: Visual Object Discovery B. Freeman: Vision for Birds T. Adelson: Intelligent Photography E. Miller: Multiple category representations in the prefrontal cortex A. Oliva: Visual Scene Understanding

4.  Intelligence Initiative - Social and Collective Intelligence

4. Intelligence Initiative - Socia...

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Speakers: W. Richards: The fine structure of networks R. Saxe: Neural circuits and computations underlying distinctively human cognition T. Malone: Collective Intelligence S. Pentland: Honest Signals A. Lo: Neuroscience, Evolution, and F...

6. Intelligence Initiative - Integrated Intelligence

6. Intelligence Initiative - Integr...

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Chairman: Nancy Kanwisher Speakers: S. Ullman: Title to be announced L. Spelke: Title to be announced

5. Intelligence Initiative - Language

5. Intelligence Initiative - Language

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Speakers: P. Winston: Language, the Great Differentiator D. Roy: New horizons in the study of Language Development T. Gibson: Cognition of language above the word R. Barzilay: Reinforcement Learning for Automatic Language Interpre...

3.  Intelligence Initiative - Action and Space

3. Intelligence Initiative - Actio...

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Speakers: M. Wilson: Thinking from experience – mechanism and principles of sequential event memory N. Roy: Bridging the gap between robot and human intelligence L. Kaelbling: Household Intelligence

1.  MIT Intelligence Initiative Workshop:  Introduction

1. MIT Intelligence Initiative Wor...

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Tomaso Poggio, Josh TenenbaumDean M. Kastner, Dean of School of Science