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Industrial Liaison Program

ILP Conferences are designed to keep companies in touch with research developments and issues affecting their industries. They provide research findings and presentations by leading experts, as well as choice opportunities to connect with MIT faculty, students and industry executives. ILP conferences are open to the public for a fee and are free for representatives of ILP member companies

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The Data Science of Physiologic Signals

The Data Science of Physiologic Sig...

Added 5 months ago | 00:44:43 | 197 views

ALFA’s Gigabeats project considers the data science of physiologic signal data. Our BeatDB and PhysioMiner projects provide a means of very rapidly scanning waveform data to find strongly predictive intervals and predictors that allow ac...

Personalized Diabetes Management

Personalized Diabetes Management

Added 5 months ago | 00:43:59 | 221 views

We present a system to make personalized lifestyle and health decisions for diabetes management, as well as for general health and diet management. In particular, we address the following components of the system: (a) efficiently learnin...

Ultrasound Imaging and the MEDRC

Ultrasound Imaging and the MEDRC

Added 5 months ago | 00:44:54 | 508 views

The Medical Electronic Device Realization Center (MEDRC) aims to transform the medical electronic device industry, collaborating with academic and corporate partners to achieve improvements in the cost and performance of medical electron...

On Beyond Genome: Using the Other Omics for Precision Medicine

On Beyond Genome: Using the Other O...

Added 5 months ago | 00:50:20 | 342 views

Rapid advances in high-throughput technologies, including next-generation sequencing, proteomics, and metabolomics, are providing exceptionally detailed descriptions of the molecular changes that occur in diseases. Despite their power, e...

Analytics in Healthcare Delivery Systems

Analytics in Healthcare Delivery Sy...

Added 5 months ago | 00:47:03 | 274 views

In this talk we will discuss several examples of how analytics could be leveraged into decision support tools that inform decisions related to system design, patient flow and safety. The examples are based on collaborative research proje...

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