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Industrial Liaison Program

ILP Conferences are designed to keep companies in touch with research developments and issues affecting their industries. They provide research findings and presentations by leading experts, as well as choice opportunities to connect with MIT faculty, students and industry executives. ILP conferences are open to the public for a fee and are free for representatives of ILP member companies

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3D Printing: From Virtual to Real

3D Printing: From Virtual to Real

Added 4 months ago | 00:40:32 | 288 views

A wide-spread adoption of 3D printing is democratizing manufacturing. The ever expanding range of printing materials allows for fabrication of complex multi-material objects that cannot be manufactured using any other method. However, wh...

Innovative Cities: What would it take for the EU to create another Cambridge?

Innovative Cities: What would it ta...

Added 4 months ago | 00:46:30 | 394 views

Promoting innovation – especially in clusters around urban universities – has become a vital part of EU visions for a prosperous, knowledge-based economy. To that end, the EU has raised its R&D budget, revised its regional development po...

Panel Discussion - Advanced Urbanism & Energy

Panel Discussion - Advanced Urbanis...

Added 4 months ago | 00:44:22 | 219 views

More than half the world’s energy supply is consumed in cities. Advanced urbanism offers new paradigms for increased efficiency through mixed-use buildings, hybrid densities, smart infrastructure, and innovative transportation systems, b...

Produtividade 60 with contact (AJK)

Produtividade 60 with contact (AJK)

Added 4 months ago | 00:01:13 | 254 views

Health Care - Welcome and Introduction from Janet Wilkinson

Health Care - Welcome and Introduct...

Added 8 months ago | 00:04:28 | 311 views

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