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Lemelson-MIT Program

The Lemelson-MIT Program recognizes outstanding inventors and inspires young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention. Two major endeavors aim to fulfill this mission: the Lemelson-MIT Awards and InvenTeam initiative.

The Lemelson-MIT Awards recognize the profound impact that inventors can have on economic and social well-being; they include the $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize, and National Collegiate Student Prize Competition.

Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams are teams of high school students, teachers, and mentors that receive grants up to $10,000 each to invent technological solutions to real-world problems. The InvenTeam initiative aims to excite high school students about invention through science, technology, engineering, and math; empower students to problem solve; and encourage an inventive culture in schools and communities.

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Joshua Siegel

Joshua Siegel

Added over 2 years ago | 00:04:15 | 1528 views

The InvenTeam Experience

The InvenTeam Experience

Added over 2 years ago | 00:02:25 | 1393 views

A three minute video featuring Katelyn Sweeney from the Natick High School InvenTeam discussing her experience on InvenTeams, a national grants initiative that allows students to pursue year-long invention projects.

Student Prize Sizzle Reel

Student Prize Sizzle Reel

Added over 2 years ago | 00:02:18 | 1185 views

Robert S. Langer, 1998 Lemelson-MIT Prize Winner

Robert S. Langer, 1998 Lemelson-MIT...

Added over 2 years ago | 00:04:46 | 1289 views

Carver Mead, 1999 Lemelson-MIT Prize Winner

Carver Mead, 1999 Lemelson-MIT Priz...

Added over 2 years ago | 00:03:29 | 1623 views

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