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Meet Tomaso Poggio

Meet Tomaso Poggio

Added over 7 years ago | 00:05:43 | 25850 views

(5:43) Tomaso Poggio develops computational models of brain function in order to understand human intelligence and to build intelligent machines that can mimic human performance. Learn more about Tomaso Poggio>> [Stock footage courtesy...

Meet Ann Graybiel

Meet Ann Graybiel

Added over 7 years ago | 00:04:58 | 19979 views

(4:58) Ann Graybiel studies the basal ganglia, forebrain structures that are profoundly important for normal brain function but are also implicated in Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and addictio...

Meet Alan Jasanoff

Meet Alan Jasanoff

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:05:06 | 28666 views

(5:06) Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has revolutionized our understanding of the human brain, but the method is now approaching the limit of its capabilities. Alan Jasanoff hopes to break through this limit and to develop ...

Ed Boyden: National Science Foundation interview

Ed Boyden: National Science Foundat...

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:03:09 | 32035 views

The National Science Foundation interviewed Ed Boyden about his study published in the January 7 2010 issue of Nature. Results: Boyden's team developed a powerful new class of tools to reversibly shut down brain activity using different ...

Alan Jasanoff: Novel MRI sensor provides molecular view of brain

Alan Jasanoff: Novel MRI sensor pro...

Added almost 8 years ago | 00:02:29 | 21975 views

Alan Jasanoff is developing a new generation of brain imaging technologies to study the neural mechanisms of behavior. In this video press release, Jasanoff discusses his latest findings published in Nature Biotechnology on February 28, ...

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