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Medical Device Design

Medical Device Design in MIT MechE's Precision Engineering Research Group

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CT Guided Percutaneous Robotic Biopsy

CT Guided Percutaneous Robotic Biopsy

Added over 1 year ago | 00:06:22 | 1531 views

Robopsy - Robotic Biopsy - Aims to help interventional radiologists perform soft tissue probe insertions with greater speed and accuracy and reduced complications and physician strain. The device is a small, patent-pending, lightweight, ...

Kidney Cooler

Kidney Cooler

Added 2 years ago | 00:01:12 | 3326 views

2010 - 2011 2.75 / 2.753 Class Medical Device Design ProjectRenal cooling device for minimally invasive kidney surgery to reduce damage due to extended ischemia.Team: Edward Summers, Thomas Cervantes, Rachel Batzer, Christie Simpson, Ray...

LapHand - Flexural Laparoscopic Grasper

LapHand - Flexural Laparoscopic Gra...

Added 2 years ago | 00:00:45 | 3933 views

2010 - 2011 2.75 / 2.753 Class Project Medical Device Design: LapHand - Alternative to laparoscopic graspers for manipulating large tissue masses without pinching. Team: Harry O’Hanley, Matt Rosario, John Walton, Mitch Westwood, ...

EndoScrew - Endoscopic Screwdriver

EndoScrew - Endoscopic Screwdriver

Added 2 years ago | 00:02:09 | 3605 views

2009 - 2010 2.75 / 2.753 Class Project Medical Device Design: Tool for placement of osteosynthetic plates and screws to repair cracked ribs during video assisted thorascopic surgery. Team: Joseph E. Petrzelka, Dimitris M. Chatzigeorgio...

Minimally Invasive Specimen Remover

Minimally Invasive Specimen Remover

Added 2 years ago | 00:01:39 | 3451 views

2011 - 2012 2.75 / 2.753 Class Project Medical Device Design: Non-destructive removal of large excised tissue masses through small incisions during minimally invasive surgery. Team: Erika Bildsten, Tyrel Waagen, Deema Totah, Nevan Hanuma...

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