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Ride.Link - Making of

The MIT Mobile Experience Laboratory, in partnership with the Provincia di Brescia - Italy - is developing a sustainable ride-sharing system for youth that utilizes wearable media.

The system, with its main components of social networking, reputation management, referrals and geopositioning makes it possible to coordinate the matching of drivers and passengers with preferences entered online in user profiles.

The system can detect successful ride-shares and will reward participants accordingly, thereby providing an incentive to continue using the system. In addition to promoting social sustainability, the system also serves to prevent driving under the influence of alcohol.

The system is designed as open platform and promote social connection and trust, and wish to strenght the communication among communities and with institutions.

Federico Casalegno, Orkan Telhan, Guz Gutmann, Steve Pomeroy, Brian McMurray, Roberto Aimi, Sajid Sadi, David Boardman, Agnes Chang, Daniel Cardoso, Leonardo Benuzzi.

Photography & Video editing
David Boardman

"Demon Seed" by Nine Inch Nails (
Released under CC, BY-NC-SA 3.0 (

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MIT Mobile Experience Lab

MIT Mobile Experience Lab

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