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More than fifty years ago, MIT established the Center for International Studies to conduct research to help the United States in its cold war struggle against the Soviet Union. Before long, however, the Center broadened its focus to include research and teaching in a wide range of international subjects, among them development studies, comparative politics, international relations, social movements, security studies, and international science and technology.

MIT and the Center have always sought to bridge the worlds of the scholar and the policymaker by offering each a place to exchange thoughts and perspectives with the other, and by encouraging academics to work on policy-relevant programs. Center scholars, and the students they helped educate, have served at senior levels in every administration since the Kennedy years. It is a source of great pride to all of us at CIS that they are today among the nation's most distinguished analysts and executives in government and the private sector.

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Starr Forum: Indian Ocean: The Vortex of Destiny

Starr Forum: Indian Ocean: The Vort...

Added 5 months ago | 01:09:38 | 9397 views

Recorded 5/1/2014 Starr Forum- Indian Ocean: The vortex of destiny Speaker: Ranil Wickremesinghe, the former prime minister of Sri Lanka, is currently a Robert E. Wilhelm fellow at the Center for International Studies at MIT. The Sri ...

Starr Forum: Junk Food and the Modern Mind

Starr Forum: Junk Food and the Mode...

Added 5 months ago | 01:30:52 | 3457 views

Experts discuss the research and the global implications of the modern American diet. Speakers: Capt Joseph Hibbeln, MD, is Lead Clinical Investigator, Unit on Nutrition in Psychiatry, NIAAA, Washington DC; & a Commander in the United S...

Starr Forum "Ukraine: What's Next?"

Starr Forum "Ukraine: What's Next?"

Added 6 months ago | 01:07:53 | 3652 views

Speakers: John Herbst, Director of the Center for Complex Operations at National Defense University and the former ambassador to Ukraine Eugene Fishel, Division Chief in the Office of Russian and Eurasian Analysis of the Bureau of...

Russian TV Documentary featuring Thomas Neff

Russian TV Documentary featuring Th...

Added 8 months ago | 00:14:27 | 552 views

Thomas Neff is a senior researcher at CIS and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is featured in a Russian documentary about atomic recycling.

Starr Forum: The "Snowden Affair": Intelligence and Privacy in a Wired World

Starr Forum: The "Snowden Affair": ...

Added 9 months ago | 01:27:34 | 1278 views

A panel discussion on Data Collection and the NSA Moderating: Admiral William Fallon, former head of CENTCOM Panelists: Susan Chira, Assistant Managing Editor, New York Times Chas Freeman, retired career diplomat, ambassador, and assista...

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