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MIT150 Symposia: Brains, Minds and Machines Symposium

This symposium is inspired by the old dream of understanding the mind and the brain, which was at the core of several new fields created at MIT during the ‘50s and ‘60s. The same dream is now the main motivation for a new Intelligence Initiative (I2). Beyond being a great intellectual mission, this research will help develop an understanding of the origins of intelligence, build more intelligent artifacts and systems, and improve the mechanisms for collective decisions. These advances will be critical to the future prosperity, education, health, and security of our society.

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1 * David A. Mindell PhD '96, Chair, MIT150 Steering Committee; Dibner Professor of the History of Engineering and Manufacturing and of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Head, Program in Science, Technology, and Society, MIT * 

Keynote Panel: The Golden Age — A Look at the Original Roots of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience

Keynote Panel: The Golden Age — A L...

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Moderator: Steven Pinker, Harvard College Professor and Johnstone Family Professor, Department of Psychology, Harvard University * Emilio Bizzi, MIT Institute Professor; Founding Member, McGovern Institute for Brain Research...

Vision and Action

Vision and Action

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3 Moderator: Tomaso A. Poggio, MIT * Rodney L. Brooks, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer, Heartland Robotics, Inc.; Panasonic Professor of Robotics, Emeritus, MIT * Takeo Kanade, U.A. and Helen Whitaker Univer...

Language and Thought

Language and Thought

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4 4 Moderator: Irene R. Heim, Professor and Head, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, MIT * Susan Carey, Henry A. Morss, Jr. and Elizabeth W. Morss Professor of Psychology; Chair, Department of Psychology, Harvard Universi...

Social Cognition and Collective Intelligence

Social Cognition and Collective Int...

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Moderator: Thomas Malone, Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management, Sloan School of Management; Director, Center for Collective Intelligence, MIT * Andrew W. Lo, Harris & Harris Group Professor; Director, Laboratory for Fin...

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