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Videos from Association-sponsored events and alumni themselves.

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MIT Holiday Greeting 2014

MIT Holiday Greeting 2014

Added 5 days ago | 00:00:42 | 2203 views

Happy holidays from MIT President Reif and Christine Reif! +++++++++++ Holiday E-Greeting Team Sponsor: Judy Cole Project Leader: Maggy Bruzelius Design Director: Emily Muldoon Kathan Design and Development: Sputnik Animation Wri...

Faculty Forum Online: Long-Term Unemployment—Coping with a White-Collar Crisis

Faculty Forum Online: Long-Term Une...

Added 29 days ago | 00:47:51 | 363 views

In the November 2014 Faculty Forum Online, MIT Sloan Professor Ofer Sharone will tackle the issue of long-term unemployment and discussed the Institute for Career Transitions, a new initiative that could help the long-term unemployed ov...

Community Catalyst Leadership Program Information Session

Community Catalyst Leadership Progr...

Added 1 month ago | 00:22:09 | 860 views

Tom and Ray Magliozzi speak at MIT Commencement 1999

Tom and Ray Magliozzi speak at MIT ...

Added 1 month ago | 00:42:55 | 4961 views

Explore with the MIT Alumni Travel Program

Explore with the MIT Alumni Travel ...

Added 1 month ago | 00:01:43 | 230 views

The MIT Alumni Travel Program has more than 23 years of experience in bringing top-quality tours to the MIT community. Enjoy the company of engaging, curious travel companions and compelling faculty leaders. Visit fascinating destination...

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