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Harish Hande: Energy Services for the Poor

This seminar was given on October 7, 2008 as part of the MITEI Seminar Series. Abstract: The poor in the world pay more for energy services, which are often unreliable and from unsustainable sources. There are ways to provide the poor with energy services from sustainable energy sources using innovative combinations of technology and finance. Renewable energies, such as solar, can provide solutions for a better environment and help to alleviate poverty. About the Speaker: Dr. Harish Hande is an engineer and a renewable energy entrepreneur with extensive grassroots experience in meeting the energy requirements of rural households. He is the co-founder of SELCO-INDIA of which he is the Managing Director. SELCO-India is a rural energy service based out of Bangalore, India.. Since 1995, SELCO-India has installed over 95,000 solar lighting systems in rural households. His experience includes a large number of health, education and water related projects: over 500 small rural and urban health clinics, over 1000 rural and semi-urban schools and dormitories, and over 1500 irrigation and drinking water systems. Dr. Hande also is on the board of many national and international organizations.

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Dr. Hande makes a compelling case. The world’s people with out any electricity are the ones with the most to gain from having their energy needs met. His passion for practical appropriate solutions is appealing. The universities would do well to give their students a couple of semesters “getting their hands dirty” in programs that challenge them to come up with solutions in rural or urban poverty settings, before returning to the university setting to polish off their studies. It could be a separate track that takes students to practical settings for semesters and summers and awards them a special degree for the extra time spent.

Posted 9 years by Anonymous

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MITEI Seminar Series

MITEI Seminar Series

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