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2008 MIT Energy Conference: Transmission Infrastructure: Connecting New Ideas to the Grid

This panel explores the challenges facing the expansion of transmission infrastructure to support the growing demand for new generation, focusing on new generation growth in areas without sufficient transmission infrastructure. The panel discusses policy mechanisms that have been used to incentivize transmission infrastructure development in the past and how innovative business strategies and partnerships can also play an important role. Finally, the panel explores the role for entrepreneurs in this area and the potential for reemerging technologies such as High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission to dramatically change how transmission infrastructure is planned, financed, constructed, and/or operated to facilitate generation capacity expansion efforts.

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I have listened to the interesting conference, and have the following comment.

The problem seems to be to accumulate excess electric energy during windy weather, to bee used when demands are high, and winds are low.
Now one knows that when putting electricity through water, you get O2 and 2H2 at the electrodes..
So the conservation problem could be by to produce H2, hydrogen, at peak wind situation, and burn this hydrogen direct in turbine/generator, distributed appropriate in the grid, during peak electric power demands. Alternative the hydrogen can be burned directly, to produce electricity in fuel cells…
There might be some conversion problems of the quality of the electricity, in this second proposal, but the energy conservation problem could be solved in this way. Additionally hydrogen can be used to drive automobiles, and the problem of distribution is solved olso. Now the transformation of el-energy to electic energy as described, might not be optimal, but the energy is present and can perhaps be used in an other process to convert an conserve excess el-energy..

B.Sc. engineering

Posted over 8 years by ontime

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MIT Energy Conference

MIT Energy Conference

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May 15, 2008 11:06
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