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The MIT Museum invites you to explore invention, ideas, and innovation. Through interactive exhibitions, public programs, experimental projects and its renown collections, the MIT Museum showcases the fascinating world of MIT, and inspires people of all ages about the possibilities and opportunities offered by science and technology.

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Soapbox: How to Make Life and Influ...

Added 7 days ago | 00:26:53 | 92 views

Soapbox: How to Make Life and Influence Planets (Part Two)

Soapbox: How to Make Life and Influ...

Added 7 days ago | 00:36:50 | 133 views

Most fossils are too small to see since most of life’s history is microbial. However it is possible to identify signatures of microbial life in rocks. Find out what they tell us, and how might we use them to recognize life elsewhere. An...

Soapbox: Origins of Life on Earth

Soapbox: Origins of Life on Earth

Added 13 days ago | 01:14:14 | 459 views

Origins of Life on Earth Discover what we can we infer about the origin of life from the genomes of living organisms and what the geological record tell us about the Earth's environments during life’s beginnings. What does this mean for ...

 Inventions: 2014 Student Showcase: SproutsIO

Inventions: 2014 Student Showcase:...

Added 4 months ago | 00:01:33 | 670 views

SproutsIO is a smart-phone controlled appliance that grows fruits and vegetables in a soil-free environment. Developed by Jennifer Broutin Farah, who earned an M.S. in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab, this invention is on...

Beyond Pocket Protectors and Flux Capacitors

Beyond Pocket Protectors and Flux C...

Added 6 months ago | 01:38:05 | 530 views

Evening discussion during the Cambridge Science Festival. Recorded 4/19/2014.

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