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MSRP 2010

The MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP) seeks to promote the value of graduate education; to improve the research enterprise through increased diversity; and to prepare and recruit the best and brightest for graduate education at MIT. MSRP began in 1986 as an institutional effort to address the issue of underrepresentation of African Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, and Puerto Ricans in engineering and science in the United States. Today, this program seeks to identify talented sophomores, juniors, and non-graduating seniors who might benefit from spending a summer on MIT's campus, working in a research laboratory under the guidance of experienced scientists and engineers who are MIT faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and advanced graduate students. Students who participate in this program will be better prepared and motivated to pursue advanced degrees, thereby helping to sustain a rich talent pool in critical areas of research and innovation.

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MSRP 2010

Added over 5 years ago | 00:07:16 | 5033 views

Meet the students of MIT's 2010 MIT Summer Research Program.

Una-May O'Reilly

Added almost 6 years ago | 00:54:20 | 6051 views

"Emergent Design: Opportunities for Agent-based Computation." Recorded 6/24/2010

Paolo Lazano

Paolo Lazano

Added almost 6 years ago | 00:56:44 | 7602 views

Recorded 7/29/2010

Student Presentation #2

Added almost 6 years ago | 00:45:26 | 4684 views

"An Interactive Artificial Ant Approach to Non-Photorealistic Rendering," Recorded 6/24/2010

Student Presentation #6

Added almost 6 years ago | 00:53:43 | 6233 views

"Electrospray Emission From Nonwetting Flat Dielectric Surfaces." Recorded 7/29/2010

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