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Wikipedia Norms

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Report from Wikimania 2006: The Wik...

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Wikipedian Kevin Driscoll shares a fun game used to explore Wikipedia. Joseph Wang points out that Wikipedia helps him discover "all this cool stuff that I didn't know I didn't know".

Report from Wikimania 2006: Wikiped...

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Wikipedians describe Wikipedia as more than just articles. They describe it as a community working on a collaborative project.

Report from Wikimania 2006: What is...

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Ward Cunningham's idea for a new kind of software was sparked during a trip to Hawaii.

Report from Wikimania 2006: Where d...

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An understanding of how wikipedia articles are developed helps when exercising judgment about articles' content. Talk pages and page histories are described.

Report from Wikimania 2006: The Spr...

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Wikipedians describe how Wikipedia works, clarifying its differences from encyclopedias, and likening it to collaborative sand-castle building.