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TSG: Reading Media Material

This is the media material that works in conjunction with Project New Media Literacies Teachers' Strategy Guide: Reading in a Participatory Culture.

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Overview of "Moby-Dick: Then and Now"

Added over 9 years ago | 00:15:59 | 8626 views

15 min. video detailing the making and the plot of Moby-Dick: Then and Now directed by Ricardo Pitts-Wiley.

Moby-Dick Remixes

Added over 9 years ago | 00:03:32 | 10617 views

Wyn Kelley describes the many adaptations and remixes of Melville's novel, Moby-Dick.

Four Readers

Added over 9 years ago | 00:04:49 | 14623 views

Video detailing the reading habits of Rudy Cabrera, Wyn Kelley, Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, and Henry Jenkins.

"Moby-Dick: Then and Now" Full Play...

Added over 9 years ago | 00:42:42 | 9614 views

Act II of the play, Moby-Dick: Then and Now, as performed in North Kingstown in Summer 2007.

Sample Remix for MOBY-DICK: THEN AN...

Added over 9 years ago | 00:01:00 | 12489 views

An example of remixing as seen in Moby-Dick: Then and Now - sample: Bobby Blue's "Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City."

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