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OTW Fanvidding series: Why We Vid

Part of a series on fan vidding produced by the Organization for Transformative Works.

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“Plus you can’t underestimate the power of being such an entirely huge nerd” Lol, that made me laugh because their is nothing more nerdy than disecting tv shows, discussing the newest codecs and going to conventions the way we do, and it’s wonderful to have people to share it with.

Posted 9 years by Anonymous

This is the first video I’ve watched on this site. My first impression was that it needs more pace. In the living room it would be okay. On the Internet I find I want it to hit the points faster. It would be good if I knew what to expect beyond the title. I know why I vid. I don’t think I’m any more enlightened after watching this.

Still … the production values were good. Thanks.

Rob (at) Shaver Associates (dot) net

Posted almost 9 years by Anonymous

I humbly disagree with Rob. I don’t think the video needs to be enlightening. I enjoyed it. Maybe it’s not to inform those who vid, but to inform those who don’t that may be curious. Nothing’s wrong with the video. Don’t change a thing. I personally like to see those who share the same interest talk about it even if I’m not really learning anything new about it.

Posted over 8 years by Anonymous

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Fan Vidding

Fan Vidding

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November 03, 2008 12:23
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