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The post-inaugural news conference on September 21, 2012

The post-inaugural news conference ...

Added 3 years ago | 00:14:30 | 4264 views

Ramesh Raskar - Super-human vision

Ramesh Raskar - Super-human vision

Added 4 years ago | 00:02:26 | 11355 views |

Associate professor in the MIT Media Lab, Ramesh Raskar, answers three questions as part of MIT News's 'In Profile' series. Read more at Video: Melanie Gonick, MIT News

3-D printing with variable densities

3-D printing with variable densities

Added 4 years ago | 00:02:00 | 14236 views |

The MIT Media Lab's Neri Oxman and Steven Keating discuss their work on 3-D printing, a technique that originated at MIT. Video: Melanie Gonick Thanks to Timothy Cooke and Dr. John Fernández for collaboration in producing the concr...

MIT Media Lab Medical Mirror

MIT Media Lab Medical Mirror

Added 4 years ago | 00:01:08 | 13735 views |

You can check a person's vital signs — pulse, respiration and blood pressure — manually or by attaching sensors to the body. But a student in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program is working on a system that could measur...

The Interphase Program at MIT

The Interphase Program at MIT

Added 4 years ago | 00:03:01 | 7183 views |

Interphase is a rigorous seven-week summer residential, academic and community-building program for admitted MIT freshmen that instills subject mastery of calculus, physics and chemistry, and helps them explore their cultural identities ...

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