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GWAMIT Fall Leadership Conference: Opening Keynote

GWAMIT Fall Leadership Conference: ...

Added 6 months ago | 00:42:13 | 1245 views

Be inspired by the 2014 GWAMIT Fall Leadership Conference opening keynote! The speaker is Jenn Gustetic, MIT TTP '07. Ms. Gustetic is the Assistant Director for Open Innovation in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy...

Yes, You Can Say That: Lines to Negotiate $1 Million More in Your Career

Yes, You Can Say That: Lines to Neg...

Added 6 months ago | 00:56:25 | 991 views

People who negotiate their income earn an extra $1 million during their career. Ms. Katie Donovan, a salary negotiation consultant and equal pay advocate, will teach you how to be one of these people. You will learn the expectations, p...

GWAMIT Fall Leadership Conference: Keynote Speaker Susana Malcorra

GWAMIT Fall Leadership Conference: ...

Added 6 months ago | 01:02:37 | 1213 views

Susana Malcorra, Chef de Cabinet of the United Nations, shares her experiences of striking a path to success in male dominated careers. After discussing how she reached a fruitful career in business, she goes on to explain her shift to p...

GWAMIT Fall Leadership Conference: Education Panel

GWAMIT Fall Leadership Conference: ...

Added 6 months ago | 01:03:05 | 1123 views

"The Education Panel will bring together education experts to discuss innovation, reform, and the evolving future of education. Questions will highlight current platforms and future efforts to leverage automations to reach underserved ...

Academic Career Series: Academia, Industry, or Both

Academic Career Series: Academia, I...

Added 10 months ago | 01:20:42 | 2232 views

Planning your career after graduation? Or did you just start grad school and are not sure what you want to do in the long run? Are you choosing between industry and academia and deciding on which career path to follow? Hear how successfu...

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