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What Can A Graduate Degree Do For You?

April 30, 2011 - What Can A Graduate Degree Do For You?

Ulric Ferner, President of the Graduate Student Council

Panelists (in speaking order):
Christine Ortiz, Dean of Graduate Education at MIT and Professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering
Steve Isakowitz, Graduate of MIT and Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. Department of Energy
Sophie Vandebroek, Chief Technology Officer of Xerox Corporation

In this session, the panelists talk about the role a graduate degree has played in their lives, and what they have learned from their education and experience. The panelists begin with brief descriptions of their backgrounds.

Please see the Comments below for a list of further questions with associated time stamps.

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How do you decide between Masters vs. PhD?

Posted over 3 years by Heatherf 00:21:31

Question from the audience.

Posted over 3 years by Heatherf 00:27:54

Session Two Begins/What do you think are some of the key skills that helped you get to where you are? What are things that you did or did not learn with your grad degree?

Posted over 3 years by Heatherf 00:45:04

What role do you graduate degree has played?

Posted over 3 years by Heatherf 00:12:08

In the U.S. some people will say there is an oversupply of people with a PhD or Masters? What would be your response?

Posted over 3 years by Heatherf 01:00:13

What advice would you give in regards to Masters or PhD? What is your advice on the degree sequencing? Should you work first or work in between getting the degrees?

Posted over 3 years by Heatherf 01:07:21

Questions from the audience

Posted over 3 years by Heatherf 01:12:30

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Professional and personal development

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