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Voces del Pueblo: a video abstract

The first goal of “Voces del Pueblo” was to survey current methods of feedback between communities and NGOs. 23 NGO representatives were interviewed, 18 construction sites were visited, and over 35 hours of footage were taken in the first stage of the project. After meticulously documenting this broad spectrum of what practices currently exist for monitoring and evaluating projects, the next stage of the project was executed. This stage’s goal was to implement a new feedback loop. After selecting and settling into a small town called Manco Capác, situated amidst farmlands, we taught a month-long videography course for community members ages 12 – 28. We learned how to handle a video camera, plan a film, take effective shots, edit with intention, and advertise to a larger audience. The class resulted in four student produced films that commented on the current state of reconstruction, corruption of the government, and differences in living standards within their community. After three months of analyzing and recording the social and organizational dynamics of this complex problem, there is now a total of 55+ hours of footage. The goal now is to assemble this information into a film-equivalent research paper for “publication” via screenings in Boston as well as Peru.

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September 22, 2009 23:40
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