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Christoph Schaefer - Factory City

Christoph Schaefer - Factory City

2009 Fall Lecture Series "CITY AS STAGE, CITY AS PROCESS"

Added almost 5 years ago | 01:38:00 | 17899 views

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September 28, 2009. The City is our Factory: Politics of desire and the production of urban spaces between Grande Latte and Park Fiction. In the new urban fabric, subcultures, cultural workers, musicians and artists play a significant ro...

Laura Anderson Barbata, " 21st Century Living in the Amazon: In the Order of Chaos" 10/27/2010

Laura Anderson Barbata, " 21st Cent...

2010 Fall Lecture Series: Give Me Shelter: second skin for extreme environments?

Added almost 4 years ago | 01:58:00 | 6684 views

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Laura Anderson Barbata worked with the Yanomami people of the Venezuelan Amazon Rainforest, teaching them to make paper and books so they could write their own history. Their first book Shapono tells the story of the gods Omawe and Yoawe...

Emily Katrencik, "Consuming 1.956 Inches Each Day For  41 Days"( 2005)

Emily Katrencik, "Consuming 1.956 I...

Emily Katrencik

Added over 4 years ago | 00:08:28 | 29781 views

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Documentation of a performance where 1.956 cubic inches of a wall in an art gallery in Brooklyn, New York is consumed each day for 41 days until a space in the gallery wall, large enough to fit ones head through, is opened up between th...

Thierry Nlandu

Thierry Nlandu

2008 Spring Lecture Series: Zones of Emergency

Added 5 years ago | 01:04:00 | 4084 views

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Thierry Nlandu joined Marjetica Potrc at the Zones of Emergency event on April 14 in Bartos Theater. Thierry gave an amazing talk about his project Picture Book on Participatory Democracy: An Art’s Act of Resistance against Facade Democr...

AbdouMaliq Simone

AbdouMaliq Simone

2008 Fall Lecture Series "THIS IS TOMORROW: Urban Utopia – Dystopia – Heterotopia'

Added 5 years ago | 01:22:00 | 8017 views

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Urbanist; Professor of Sociology at Goldsmiths College, University of London, London (UK) What kinds of survival tactics are being developed by city dwellers who live in marginalized environments that are not stable, orderly or sustainin...

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