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LEAF Motor: Spin-Up

This is the very first spin-up test of the Less Epic Axial Flux (LEAF) motor, to about 1500rpm. The LEAF motor is a "DIY" coreless axial-flux brushless motor. More information.

The LEAF motor is the end result of a cheap set of wedge magnets that I bought. They're for "building efficient and powerful wind generators," but I was pretty sure I could make a motor out of them instead. In this video, it's getting a jump-start from a Battlebot weapon system. This controller is sensorless, so it needs a running start with this much inertia. The next test will be with full sinusoidal control and rotor position sensing.

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I have a design more efficient but I don’t know where to publish it

Posted 7 years by amine

Posted almost 4 years by Anonymous 00:00:00

Posted almost 4 years by Anonymous 00:00:07

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March 16, 2010 21:33
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