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MIT Electric Vehicle Team - 4/2 Test Drive

I got to see the MIT Electric Vehicle Team test driving a converted Porsche 914. Very cool! More information here:

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I have been trying to view 4/2 test Drive video, but all I can get is a black screen. purleyted @ aol.

Posted almost 8 years by Anonymous User

Hi, im form Venezuela and i want to do kind of that but here i cant find any information of how to do it. i'll be really thankful if you can help to make my proyect real, information or something that can help me to star. im studing electric engenier.

Please help, beacuase if i do it here, i will be the first prototipe of an electric car in the state.

Writte me to: or

Thanks for all.

Posted almost 8 years by Anonymous User

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Category: Engineering | Updated 6 years ago

April 03, 2008 19:10
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