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Cap Kart 2.0: 8/21/2010 Test Drive

This is our second test drive of the new Cap Kart. The first run ended similarly to the first test drive: with a dead MOSFET in the controller. This time we came prepared with a field soldering kit and a less volatile replacement FET. After that, things went smoothly and we got a good chance to test the various improvements we implemented this summer. These include:

- Thundersky 40Ah lithium iron phosphate batteries to replace the old lead acid batteries for a weight reduction of about 100lbs.

- A custom rear axle differential based on design from LOLrioKart (of internet fame).

- New field control modes for the separately-excited DC motor, including "three speed manual", reverse, and continuous field weakening.

- Better data visualization and logging, plus fault detection.

For more info, visit:

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August 23, 2010 12:08
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