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Scratch@MIT Friday Keynote: Rethinking Identity, Rethinking Participation

Sherry Turkle, Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology, MIT
Henry Jenkins, Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts, USC
Moderator: Marina Bers, Associate Professor of Child Development, Tufts University

People often think about new technologies in task-oriented ways: how to access information, how to create projects, how to make presentations. But there is a more personal dimension to the role of new technologies in the lives of young people. In this session, Sherry Turkle and Henry Jenkins explore how young people, as they engage with new technologies, begin to change the ways they think about themselves, relate to others, and participate in communities.

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Sherry Turkle’s questions are relevant and critical to developing strategies for online teaching. In a real-life classroom, the savvy teacher can read cues to a student’s situation. Is the student contemplating or ‘zoning out’? Is the student’s lack of response due to too difficult challenges or boredom? How does one read the ‘participant’ of the online group? In self-selected communities participatory engagements are indicators of interest. Online classroom are ‘simulations’ or ‘artificial participatory communities’ – but these might be designed to function more like the self-selected communities. . .

Posted 5 years by mmanifol

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Scratch@MIT 2010

Scratch@MIT 2010

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