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MIT System Design and Management Program (SDM)

The System Design and Management program at MIT combines cutting-edge courses from the MIT Sloan School of Management and MIT’s School of Engineering, enriching the experience with innovative distance learning, flexible matriculation options and an interdisciplinary perspective.

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SDM Alum, Andres Kütt, Estonia IT Architect speaks to SDM - July 25, 2014

SDM Alum, Andres Kütt, Estonia IT A...

Added 4 months ago | 00:57:40 | 683 views

Andres Kütt, an SDM alum, is the chief architect of Estonia's national IT architecture. This informal presentation, given at an SDM Business Trip luncheon focuses on issues surrounding IT architecture as it relates to challenges and con...

Risks and Mitigation Approaches for Business System Integration

Risks and Mitigation Approaches for...

Added 6 months ago | 00:52:45 | 537 views

About the Presentation The successful integration of new technologies is essential to continual success in today's fast-moving global economy, enabling businesses to upgrade their systems to be more effective, reliable, and scalable. Imp...

Applying Systems Thinking to Energy and Sustainability Challenges in Chile

Applying Systems Thinking to Energy...

Added 8 months ago | 00:57:24 | 577 views

Over the past several years, Chile has faced an energy crisis that has impacted virtually all industries in that country. Caused by the scarcity of natural energy resources, tension between developers and conservationists, and a complex ...

'Gap-Filling Organizations': Competing at Speed in a Fast-Moving World

'Gap-Filling Organizations': Compet...

Added 8 months ago | 01:03:23 | 437 views

About the Presentation Determining, documenting, and addressing the gaps between an organization's business requirements for products and services and the systems and capabilities available to achieve them is a challenge common to all i...

Addressing Patient Wait Times with Systems Thinking

Addressing Patient Wait Times with ...

Added 9 months ago | 01:02:39 | 411 views

The problem of prolonged and highly variable patient wait times in hospitals and emergency departments is well researched but as yet unsolved. This webinar will present findings from a 12-month study that explores the use of systems thin...

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