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MIT SDM Systems Thinking Webinar Series

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A Systems Approach to Fostering Innovation Ecosystems within Academic and Business Communities

A Systems Approach to Fostering Inn...

Added 1 month ago | 01:01:34 | 284 views

Although startups are key to economic growth and job creation, many people—particularly students—have a negative attitude toward entrepreneurship. Fear of failure, constant uncertainty, and financial constraints combine with a lack of tr...

Developing Analytics for the Healthcare Safety Net: A Systems Approach

Developing Analytics for the Health...

Added 2 months ago | 01:11:37 | 251 views

Whether focused on big data, small data, or both, analytics is transforming healthcare by enabling better decision-making in both clinical and operational areas. However, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, "Organizations th...

Integrated Design for Product Success

Integrated Design for Product Success

Added 3 months ago | 01:04:27 | 342 views

Excellence in product design is at the heart of success, yet more products fail than succeed. Integrating a balance of design, engineering, and business is critical, but challenging. Getting it right in the midst of uncertainty can be me...

A Systems Approach to the 2014 Midterm Elections: Voting to Achieve Systemwide Change

A Systems Approach to the 2014 Midt...

Added 3 months ago | 00:39:45 | 287 views

Elections matter—especially the 2014 midterms. The challenges are especially acute this year because: Gridlock, corruption, and diversionary tactics have compromised sound legislative and programmatic changes, as well as an independen...

Where's the Money? Migrating to a Global Digital Monetary Ecosystem

Where's the Money? Migrating to a G...

Added 4 months ago | 01:00:11 | 466 views

The digital revolution is already hitting our wallets—increasingly turning money into information in the cloud while transforming mobile devices into windows on a global, digital economy. However, the evolution to a digital money ecosyst...

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