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MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2011

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"Lunch with an Olympic Legend" - Apolo Anton Ohno & Ric Bucher

"Lunch with an Olympic Legend" - Ap...

Added 4 years ago | 00:59:18 | 7535 views

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2011

"How Much Trouble is Early Foul Trouble?" - Philip Z. Maymin, Allan Maymin, Eugene Shen

"How Much Trouble is Early Foul Tro...

Added 4 years ago | 00:31:31 | 4691 views

"Developing Athletic Talent: The Utility of Sport Science" - Shea Balish

"Developing Athletic Talent: The Ut...

Added 4 years ago | 00:19:17 | 5828 views

"The Ultimate Spectator Machine: Emerging Technology of the Transformable Venue" - Dan Meis, FAIA

"The Ultimate Spectator Machine: Em...

Added 4 years ago | 00:16:10 | 5102 views

"The Foundation of Elite Sports Analytics: Three Secrets You Must Know" - Kevin Goodfellow, Sports Data Hub

"The Foundation of Elite Sports Ana...

Added 4 years ago | 00:13:53 | 7322 views

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