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Sociotechnical Systems Research Center (SSRC)

The MIT Sociotechnical Systems Research Center (SSRC) is an interdisciplinary research center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that focuses on the high-impact, complex, sociotechnical systems that shape our world.

SSRC brings together faculty, researchers, students, staff, and partners from across MIT and around the world to study and seek solutions to complex systems challenges that span health, energy, the environment, international development, the global economy, mobility, productivity, and cybersecurity.

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2015 CDOIQ Symposium: Panel Discussion - Data Professionals

2015 CDOIQ Symposium: Panel Discuss...

Added 2 days ago | 00:57:37 | 58 views

Data Professionals – How to Find, Hire, and Retain the Best Talent" Chair: Michael Rappa, Director, Institute for Advanced Analytics Panelists: • Lynda Abend, Chief Data Officer, John Hancock Financial Services • Kelsey Calhoun, Di...

2015 CDOIQ Symposium: Opening Remarks

2015 CDOIQ Symposium: Opening Remarks

Added 3 days ago | 00:22:08 | 45 views

Welcome • Richard Wang, Director, MIT Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Program Opening Remarks Symposium Co-Chairs: Peter Anlyan, Anlyan Consulting; Robert Lutton, Sandhill Consultants Sponsors :30 messages

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