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some videos to not

"Some videos to not" is a video collection of Guy Hoffman, a graduate of the MIT Media Lab's Personal Robots group, and a collaborator of MIT's Senseable Cities group.

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Robotic Theater - Highlight Reel

Added over 9 years ago | 00:01:09 | 19381 views

Highlight reel from a unique human-robot stage performance including two human actors and AUR, the robotic desk lamp.

Pupil-tracking robot gaze control

Added over 9 years ago | 00:01:56 | 13070 views

Expressive animatronics usually requires a team of puppeteers to jointly move a single character from an off-stage location, making eye-contact with human scene partners virtually impossible. Aiming to solve this problem, a hybrid-contr...

Anticipatory Perceptual Simulation ...

Added over 9 years ago | 00:03:34 | 23124 views

Anticipatory Perceptual Simulation is a cognitive architecture developed at the MIT Media Lab based on current neuro-psychological research in perception and memory. It is designed to allow a robotic teammate to practice a physical task...

Robotic Actor on Stage

Added over 9 years ago | 00:02:43 | 22535 views

AUR, the robotic desk lamp, was used in a unique human-robot stage performance. This video shows clips from the play and describes the hybrid control software used to puppeteer the robot.Music: "The Rain Got Bounced" by TimeVibes

AUR Robotic Desk Lamp - Autonomous ...

Added over 9 years ago | 00:02:05 | 20135 views

This video shows AUR, a robotic desk lamp, autonomously assisting a user working in a desk environment. This is a follow-up to the previous concept video demonstrating the functional vision for AUR. The robot uses a cognitive architectu...

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