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2009 Fall Lecture Series "CITY AS STAGE, CITY AS PROCESS"

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Angus Boulton - Fractured City

Added over 8 years ago | 01:26:00 | 28055 views

November 9, 2009. Berlin-based English photographer Angus Boulton talks about his photo series Richtung Berlin currently on view at the Wolk Gallery in MIT's Department of Architecture. This 'Becoming Berlin' event is collaboration betwe...

Christoph Schaefer - Factory City

Added over 8 years ago | 01:38:00 | 21911 views

September 28, 2009. The City is our Factory: Politics of desire and the production of urban spaces between Grande Latte and Park Fiction. In the new urban fabric, subcultures, cultural workers, musicians and artists play a significant ro...

Ana Miljacki & Nomeda Urbonas - Pro...

Added 8 years ago | 01:53:00 | 15934 views

November 2, 2009. Architect and architecture theorist Ana Miljacki speaks about her project Classes, Masses, Crowds. Representing The Collective Body and The Myth of Direct Knowledge. Miljacki is an Assistant Professor in MIT's Departmen...

Krzysztof Wodiczko - Porous City

Added over 8 years ago | 01:22:00 | 17853 views

November 16, 2009. Artist Krzysztof Wodiczko introduces his critical design proposals including Poliscar and Homeless Vehicles. Wodiczko's work points toward the search for the city to come, one which provides a space that allows for di...

Antoni Muntadas - Public City

Antoni Muntadas - Public City

Added over 8 years ago | 01:42:00 | 18245 views

October 19, 2009. Artist Muntadas investigates notions of 'City' and 'public.' Is there still a public space? Is the city a place for interventions? City authorities and the private sector provide surveillance and control. Yet it is the ...

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