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2010 Fall Lecture Series: Give Me Shelter: second skin for extreme environments?

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10/04/10 - Tierra Brillante: Omar Foglio and Jose Luis Figueroa

10/04/10 - Tierra Brillante: Omar F...

Added 7 years ago | 01:45:00 | 6298 views

Bulbo, a Tijuana- and Los Angeles-based media collective, explores cultural, artistic and everyday themes often overlooked or under-represented in mass media. Their documentary, Tierra Brilliante ("the brightest glaze") spotlights lead p...

Laura Anderson Barbata, " 21st Century Living in the Amazon: In the Order of Chaos" 10/27/2010

Laura Anderson Barbata, " 21st Cent...

Added 7 years ago | 01:58:00 | 9044 views

Laura Anderson Barbata worked with the Yanomami people of the Venezuelan Amazon Rainforest, teaching them to make paper and books so they could write their own history. Their first book Shapono tells the story of the gods Omawe and Yoawe...

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