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2011 Fall Lecture Series - Zones of Emergency

The Zones of Emergency: Artistic Interventions – Creative Responses to Conflict & Crisis Fall 2011 lecture series investigates initiatives and modes of intervention in contested spaces, zones of conflict, or areas affected by environmental disasters. The intention is to explore whether artistic interventions can transform, disrupt or subvert current environmental, urban, political, and social conditions in critical ways. A crucial question is how can such interventions propose ideas, while at the same time respecting the local history and culture.

The Fall 2011 lecture series is directed by Ute Meta Bauer and is part of the courses 4.365/4.366 Zones of Emergency: Artistic Intervention – Creative Responses to Conflict and Crisis (instructors Ute Meta Bauer/Jegan Vincent de Paul), 4.330/331 Intro to Networked Cultures & Participatory Media (instructor Gediminas Urbonas), and 4.360/4.361Performance Workshop (instructor Joan Jonas).

The Fall 2011 ACT lecture series is free and open to the public, and is funded in part by the Council for the Arts at MIT.

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Shun Kanda & Jim Wescoat: MIT Japan 3/11 Initiative

Shun Kanda & Jim Wescoat: MIT Japan...

Added almost 3 years ago | 02:04:00 | 5097 views

Keynote: Shun Kanda, Senior Lecturer, MIT (USA) James Wescoat, Aga Khan Professor, MIT (USA) Respondent: Jegan Vincent de Paul, ACT Lecturer, MIT (USA) In the aftermath of the disaster suffered in Japan, MIT launched the MIT Japan 3/11 I...

Lucy Walker: 99 is not 100 – Documenting the Transformative Power of Art, or the Art of Transformative Documentary

Lucy Walker: 99 is not 100 – Docume...

Added 3 years ago | 02:01:00 | 16472 views

10/31/2011 Lucy Walker, filmmaker (UK) 99 is not 100 – Documenting the Transformative Power of Art, or the Art of Transformative Documentary Respondent: Claude Grunitzky, Chairman, TRUE, Sloan Fellow, MIT (USA) How do we observ...

Stella McGregor: Ploughshares from Swords - Social Sculpture and Cultural Agency

Stella McGregor: Ploughshares from ...

Added 3 years ago | 01:55:00 | 17595 views

11/07/2011 Stella McGregor, Director, Urbano Project (USA) Ploughshares from Swords – Social Sculpture and Cultural Agency Respondent: Gediminas Urbonas, ACT Associate Professor, MIT (USA) How does creative activism contribute to...

Joichi Ito: Enabling Emergent Voices and Expression through Technology

Joichi Ito: Enabling Emergent Voice...

Added over 3 years ago | 01:52:00 | 17688 views

October 17, 2011 Joichi Ito, Director, MIT Media Lab (USA) Enabling Emergent Voices And Expression Through Technology Respondent: Brendan Mcgetrick, Independent Writer & Designer (China) Moore’s law and the Internet have dramaticall...

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