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2012 Spring Lecture Series: Experiments in Thinking, Action, and Form

Art, culture, and technology. What is the potential of such an intersection in the present? Being cognizant of historical and unusual crossings while exploring more profound investigations and productions suggest experiments in thinking, action and form. Questions raised by pursuing this matrix lead to a variety of histories of the present, the combination of official and unofficial versions throughout the world; animated by examination and reflection these histories may be transformed by creation.

It is easily possible to feel indifference toward the “merely interesting.” In response to what can appear as a perpetual state of “interesting” spectacles and data flow, the invited speakers address these paradoxes of living. Their presentations and discussions will serve as opportunities to grapple with productions, conditions, and perspectives that can stimulate other kinds of responses. The speakers will not invite smooth or easy receptions of the aural, visual, or spatial operations with which they are engaged, but will, in contrast, raise questions from the perspective of producers and analysts about present and past forms of being and production.


Renée Green

Director, Associate Professor

MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology

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ACT Lecture | Michael Eng: Sound and Semiocapitalism: Affective Labor and the Metaphysics of the Real

ACT Lecture | Michael Eng: Sound an...

Added over 3 years ago | 01:22:34 | 5951 views

Sound and Semiocapitalism: Affective Labor and the Metaphysics of the Real This talk will analyse the sonic and affective turns that have appeared relatively recently in both contemporary art practice and current critical thought from t...

ACT Lecture | Muntadas: Projects and Protocols: Conventions on Art and Technology

ACT Lecture | Muntadas: Projects an...

Added over 3 years ago | 01:34:23 | 5124 views

Projects and Protocols: Conventions on Art and Technology Muntadas’ work addresses social, political and communications issues such as the relationship between public and private space within social frameworks, and investigates ch...

ACT Lecture | Gloria Sutton: Playback

ACT Lecture | Gloria Sutton: Playback

Added over 3 years ago | 01:44:23 | 5304 views

Playback: Broadcast Experiments 1970 and Now In the 1970s, broadcast television, cable, and even satellite transmissions were considered viable outlets for visual artists to experiment, tamper, and often times, spectacularly fail with, ...

ACT Lecture | Taru Elfving: Archipelago Logic: Towards Sustainable Futures

ACT Lecture | Taru Elfving: Archipe...

Added over 3 years ago | 01:50:56 | 5061 views

Taru Elfving, curator and director of Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA), calls into play the curatorial notion of the “dysfunctional” exhibition and its role within the larger concept of sustainability. CAA, a...

ACT Lecture | Bruce Yonemoto: Re-representations and Simulations

ACT Lecture | Bruce Yonemoto: Re-re...

Added over 3 years ago | 01:41:50 | 4689 views

Bruce Yonemoto works within the overlapping intersections of art and commerce, and the gallery world and cinema screen. Yonemoto juxtaposes cultural material from different international communities, such as those of the Japanese America...

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