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Workshop 2008

The CMI Project Centered Learning Workshop is an exchange of knowledge and experience about PCL in higher education.  This workshop draws from the expertise of an international group of individuals using PCL as a pedagogical tool.

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Day 1 - Examples of Project Centere...

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Day 1 - Examples of Project Centered Learning in the Larger Curriculum - From Other FieldsJill Journeaux, and Julia McMorrow

Day 2 PCL2008 Closing Panel - Susta...

Added almost 10 years ago | 00:48:38 | 9376 views

Day 2 PCL 2008 WorkshopClosing Panel: Sustainability and ScalabilityModerator – Michael Gregory, University of Cambridge, UK;Tom Jacobius, Illinois Institute of Technology; William Oakes, Purdue University; Lydia Kavanagh, University of...

Day 2 PCL2008 Workshop concurrent s...

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Day 2 PCL2008 Workshop concurrent session: "Challenges Faced in Starting/Managing a PCL Course" Spaces for PCL - Jeanne Narum, Project Kaleidoscope; Phil Long, MIT.

Day 1 "Examples of PCL in the Large...

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Day 1 PCL2008 Workshop:"Examples of PCL in the Larger Curriculum from Engineering" R. Bras (MIT), T. Molyneaux, RMIT University, AU

Panel Process, Foundation or Skills...

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Day 1Panel Process, Foundation or Skills: Is there a Pedagogical Difference (Moderator Edward Crawley, MIT)Threshold Concepts - Keith Johnstone, University of Cambridge, UKDesign Process - Clive Dym, Harvey Mudd CollegeTransferable Skil...

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