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Soapbox: The Invisible Majority (Part One)

Soapbox: The Invisible Majority (Pa...

MIT Museum

Added 3 months ago | 00:36:50 | 606 views

Most fossils are too small to see since most of life’s history is microbial. However it is possible to identify signatures of microbial life in rocks. Find out what they tell us, and how might we use them to recognize life elsewhere. An...

8.591 Systems Biology, 10.14.14

8.591 Systems Biology, 10.14.14

8.591: Systems Biology, Fall 2014

Added 3 months ago | 01:20:02 | 733 views

Instructor: Jeff Gore

Documentaries, Journalism, and the Future of Reality-Based Storytelling

Documentaries, Journalism, and the ...

MIT Communications Forum

Added 3 months ago | 01:43:28 | 295 views

Using a computer to estimate pi by throwing darts. (Mandarin)

Using a computer to estimate pi by ...

Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies (BLOSSOMS)

Added 4 months ago | 00:05:23 | 243 views

This video clip demonstrates -- in detailed steps -- how to use a computer to simulate dart-throwing as a means of estimating pi.

8.591 Systems Biology, 10/07/2014

8.591 Systems Biology, 10/07/2014

8.591: Systems Biology, Fall 2014

Added 4 months ago | 01:21:30 | 648 views

Instructor: Jeff Gore

2014 MIT Alumni Leadership Conference: TIMtalks

2014 MIT Alumni Leadership Conferen...

MIT Alumni Association

Added 4 months ago | 00:51:03 | 576 views

Based on the popular TED Talks model and moderated by TIMtalks Board member Tanya Talkar '16. Current MIT students, Cara Lai '16, Miguel Salinas '16, and Tiandra Ray '15, share their personal experiences at the Institute and their succes...

Challenging Technical Privilege: How Race and Gender Matter

Challenging Technical Privilege: Ho...


Added 4 months ago | 01:52:44 | 2327 views