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Walkthrough of "Metropath(ologies)", an installation by the Sociable Media Group at the MIT museum

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I’m very grateful about your sophisticated contribution to remind us less can be of more value sometimes.

Posted over 8 years by Hartmut Rast

oh, and by the way MIT is not an independent research institute. so the 1984 debate and the whole thing is something like discovery channel and nostradamus predictions.

Posted 8 years by shalomsalon

I like it – think it’s cool. It’s relevant to what’s happening in today’s world. more info here too:

Posted 8 years by mtero

these are projections, the result of scenariothinking that brings possibilities to the public eye but also offers a platform for ethic discussions, what will be acceptebale in the future and what will be inacceptabel? 1984 lies before us but we are the ones that let it happen or prevent it from happening.

Posted over 7 years by Anonymous 00:01:26

i disagree

Posted over 7 years by Anonymous 00:01:26

waste of money

Posted over 7 years by Anonymous 00:01:26

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Sociable Media

Sociable Media

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July 10, 2009 10:51
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