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Voice over IP for business process improvement. SIMO Network 2010 - Madrid - Spain - Rafael Marañón Abreu from MIT - SDM

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Rafael Marañón, Co-founder MIT Social Media Club

System Design and Management (SDM) Fellow Program. [English translation below] Mildmac presenta sus nuevos productos en Telefonía IP dentro de su plataforma VoIPfutura. Radio over IP, Integración con emidoras de Radio. VoIPfutura integración con Skype. VoIPfutura integración con dispositivos de control, sensores y camaras.

Mildmac estará presente en el SIMO Network 2010 del 5 al 7 de Octubre dentro del area de VoIP2Day.

Video producido por Rafael Marañón Abreu en las instalaciones de MIT - Killiam Court at Great Dome. Visita el Blog de Rafael en

---------------- [Google Translator]
IP telephony in Spain continues to build year after year. Two years ago, when I worked at Advance Solutions Mildmac VoIP2DAY 2008 presented in the Asterisk's role in the corporate world, and last year we threw VoIPfutura Assistant. And this year, although my stay in Boston because of my studies at the Institute technopolis Massachusetts, did not want to miss the opportunity to send greetings to the Asterisk community in Spain, manufacturers, developers, resellers and integrators of Voice over IP ( VoIP). As some of you already know, I try to apply what they have learned in my master and Design Management System here at MIT to continuous innovation processes Mildmac.

Learning at the highest level and with the best teachers in business and innovation, areas such as product design, technology strategy and systems architecture and engineering give me a more global vision for future projects to follow sizing within unified communications.

Meanwhile, in this edition of SIMO, 2010, Mildmac returns to submit their news. Once again revolutionizing the technology market in Spain, VoIPfutura offers IP telephony integration with radio. A solution services surveillance and emergency demand coming for some time, and that to date is now available.

Another novelty of the interconnection MILDMAC VoIPfutura with Skype, making it much easier for those who live or work from abroad, to communicate with Spanish companies. Finally, I can not say goodbye without VoIPfutura announce the integration of monitoring devices and sensors, which is an ideal solution for industrial environments.

Telephony platforms based on open standards, it's a great opportunity for thousands of businesses, not just cost savings, but primarily as a competitive advantage when adding processes of innovation and flexibility to management.

In these days where customers have more diverse needs, where products are more complex, and where videoconferencing and Social Networks are key to developing new business, have a flexible communication system is a strategic investment undoubtedly .

I take leave from MIT to celebrate the continuing and rapid development of IP phone is Spain, and hope that this event will serve once again as a strategic forum for creating new ideas and projects between designers, manufacturers, systems integrators and telephony.

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Rafael Marañón, Co-founder MIT Social Media Club

Rafael Marañón, Co-founder MIT Social Media Club

Category: Management | Updated over 4 years ago

January 14, 2011 13:20
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