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Barry L. Vercoe Interview no. 2, April 24, 2012

Barry L. Vercoe Interview no. 2, Ap...

Music at MIT Oral History Project

Added almost 3 years ago | 01:54:18 | 21363 views |

Oral history interview with Barry Vercoe, MIT Professor Emeritus of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT, founding member of the MIT Media Lab, and computer music pioneer and composer. Interviewed by Forrest Larson and Christopher Ariza, MIT V...

Spheres - Synchronized Position Hold Engage Re-orient Experimental Satellites

Spheres - Synchronized Position Hol...

MIT Video Productions

Added 7 years ago | 00:03:46 | 20505 views

In spring 2000, 13 graduating MIT seniors developed and tested three mini-satellites that could lead the way to similar devices that fly in formation, much like Thunderbirds in an Air Force show. The range of potential applications inc...

Proteus, the Penguin Boat

Proteus, the Penguin Boat

MIT Video Productions

Added 7 years ago | 00:01:59 | 20463 views

The Proteus project is the challenge of pragmatically applying highly efficient natural fish propulsion technologies to conventional vessels. Just as a penguin or sea turtle are a rigid body with fish-like flapping fins, Proteus is a bo...

Remembering Doc Draper

Remembering Doc Draper


Added over 6 years ago | 00:10:29 | 20126 views

Vintage footage of Doc, and remembrances by MIT Aero-Astro colleagues

William J. Mitchell: Revitalization of MIT campus

William J. Mitchell: Revitalization...

Elemental MIT

Added almost 4 years ago | 00:03:54 | 19740 views |

William J. Mitchell, the former dean of MIT's School of Architecture and Planning, led the Smart Cities research group at the MIT Media Lab and helped oversee an ambitious expansion of the MIT campus. As architectural advisor to then-Pre...



SoE Outreach Videos

Added 6 years ago | 00:11:36 | 19136 views

Massachusetts Academic Games of America - See how MIT students got involved and how local schools benefit from this involvement.

Lecture: The Life and Works of Doc Edgerton - by Prof. Kim Vandiver (2008)

Lecture: The Life and Works of Doc ...

Doc Edgerton films

Added 7 years ago | 00:59:17 | 18975 views

Institute Professor, Harold "Doc" Edgerton revolutionized photography with his high speed strobe lighting techniques. He came to MIT as a student in 1926. By the time of his passing in 1990 he had profoundly affected MIT and the world wi...



MIT Video Productions

Added 7 years ago | 00:03:14 | 18422 views

The humble snail, trailed by its ribbon of slime, now has its first robotic counterpart in research at MIT that could lead to new forms of locomotion for machines. Assistant Professor Annette "Peko" Hosoi and her colleagues in the Mech...

Intellectual Capital: Arnie Barnett finds safety in numbers

Intellectual Capital: Arnie Barnett...

MIT Sloan

Added 7 years ago | 00:42:59 | 18121 views

Widely considered the nation's leading expert on aviation safety, Arnie Barnett uses his background in applied math to help conquer his own fear of flying. He calms himself — and sometimes even fellow passengers — during turbulence by r...

MIT Science of Baseball Program (MSBP)

MIT Science of Baseball Program (MSBP)

SoE Outreach Videos

Added over 6 years ago | 00:03:54 | 17378 views

The MIT Science of Baseball Program (MSBP) is a summer program provided free of charge to talented boys who attend public school in Boston or Cambridge, who will enter the eighth grade in the fall of 2009, and who have a love for math, s...

STEM Squash Program

STEM Squash Program

SoE Outreach Videos

Added over 6 years ago | 00:02:28 | 17245 views

During the summer STEM Program, students are exposed to not only new mental, but also new physical games and challenges - such as the thinking game of squash.

"Computer For Apollo" (1965) - Science Reporter TV Series

"Computer For Apollo" (1965) - Scie...

From The Vault

Added almost 4 years ago | 00:29:20 | 16715 views |

This 1965 “Science Reporter” television program features the Apollo guidance computer and navigation equipment, which involve less than 60 lbs of microcircuits and memory cores. Scientists and engineers Eldon Hall, Ramon Alonzo and Alber...