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Political as lifestyle 2

Political as lifestyle 2

Henry Jenkins & Stephen Duncombe

Added 5 years ago | 00:02:24 | 1231 views

Yael Niv - Reinforcement Learning in the Brain  (Part 1)

Yael Niv - Reinforcement Learning i...

Course 9.S912: Vision and learning - computers and brains Fall 2013

Added 1 year ago | 01:20:29 | 1196 views

One of the most influential contributions of machine learning to understanding the human brain is the (fairly recent) formulation of learning in real world tasks in terms of the computational framework of reinforcement learning. This con...

Dan Nocera, "The Legacy and Portent of Photosynthesis"

Dan Nocera, "The Legacy and Portent...

MIT Architecture - SMArchS Colloquium Fall 2013

Added over 1 year ago | 01:38:02 | 1174 views

Daniel G. Nocera (former Drefus Professor of Chemistry at MIT) is currently Patterson Rockwall Professor of Energy at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard, where he runs the Nocera Lab: The Chemistry of Renewable E...

Duncombe on communal creation

Duncombe on communal creation

Henry Jenkins & Stephen Duncombe

Added 5 years ago | 00:01:00 | 1167 views


Materials Processing Center

Added 12 months ago | 00:03:38 | 1103 views

MIT Postdoctoral Associate Mostafa Bedewy explains how competition between the chemical activation of carbon nanotubes growing on seed particles and the mechanical coupling among growing carbon nanotubes of different sizes impacts growth...

Noessa 2

Noessa 2

Noessa Higa

Added 5 years ago | 00:12:18 | 1096 views

TR Sociometrics

TR Sociometrics

Research and Startups

Added 5 years ago | 00:05:24 | 1073 views

Research documentary on Sociometrics produced by the MIT Tech Review. For more information about this work, please check out

Loraine: getting the word out (celebrities)

Loraine: getting the word out (cele...

Loraine Samy

Added 5 years ago | 00:01:01 | 1058 views

Introducing Planetary Scientist Hilke Schlichting

Introducing Planetary Scientist Hil...


Added over 1 year ago | 00:04:06 | 1054 views

Hilke Schlichting's research interests are wide-ranging, spanning all aspects of planet formation theory, extrasolar planets, and solar system dynamics. Recent work has concerned the study of small objects in the Kuiper belt using archi...

Shihab Shamma - Cortical Processes for Navigating Complex Acoustic Environments (Part 2)

Shihab Shamma - Cortical Processes ...

Course 9.S912: Vision and learning - computers and brains Fall 2013

Added 1 year ago | 01:32:52 | 1045 views

Humans and other animals can attend to one of multiple sounds, and follow it selectively over time. The neural underpinnings of this perceptual feat are the object of extensive investigations. Some studies have concluded that sounds are ...

A Dangerous Meeting - 2013 Image Award Winner

A Dangerous Meeting - 2013 Image Aw...

Koch Institute Image Awards 2013

Added almost 2 years ago | 00:03:01 | 1045 views

Tuomas Tammela explains the science behind his fascinating image, A Dangerous Meeting: Blood Vessels and a Tumor Come Together.  Tuomas's image was selected as a winner of the 2013 Koch Institute Image Awards.  See all the winn...

Allan Blanchard

Allan Blanchard

UROP Profiles

Added 2 years ago | 00:03:10 | 1035 views |

A future inventor works on perfecting the super battery which will regulate the power grid